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Catalina Minniti, known artistically as Cathy Minniti, was born in 1935 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been attracted to abstract art from an early age. Cathy says: “Abstract art gives me the freedom of observation to different parts of what I hear and see. Nature and human behaviors are mostly my inspiration”. Cathy came to realize that the beauty of abstract art provides her with a unique language that she can use to provide a broader comprehension. Her inspirations are the result of her constant observation and reflection.  


The road to becoming an established artist was quite difficult due to a mix of difficult life events including a full year of being hospitalized in 1980 due to complications from a surgical intervention.  Cathy attended classes of art and philosophy during a temporary residency in the United States in the 1960’s and later in the 1970’s in Buenos Aires in Argentina. In the 1990’s Cathy Minniti started exhibiting her work in local and regional venues in Argentina. In  2002 Cathy was recognized as an outstanding artist by the authorities and curators of the Manzana de Las Luces in Buenos Aires Argentina which is one of the most prestigious recognitions bestowed on an artist in Argentina (The Manzana de las Luces was the most important center of culture, learning and enlightenment during colonial times and has remained to date one of the most re-known museums of Argentina for the expression of arts and culture.) 


Cathy continued to exhibit her art in Argentina from the late 1990’s to 2011 until she moved to Pennsylvania in the United States to be near her family. Since then, she has presented her work in gallery exhibits through the area of New Hope, Doylestown and Bucks County in Pennsylvania and Stockton and Lambertville in New Jersey.  During the past 3 years some of her work has been presented beyond the American Continent at exhibits in Spain, Dubai and Switzerland.

"The beauty of abstract art provides me with a unique language that I can use to provide a broader comprehension"


- Cathy Minniti


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Catalina Minniti

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