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Born 1935 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Catalina Minniti has been enamored with abstract art from an early age, and became a prolific artist in 1982. She began her studies of Fine Arts in the United States, studying philosophy, literature, and liberal arts at Bridgewater State University, and later continued her studies at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina). While in Argentina, her art career and dreams were temporarily interrupted during 1980 after suffering a full year of being hospitalized due to complications from a surgical intervention. After recovering, Cathy continued to pursue passionately her artistic career attending workshops and seminars to strengthen her knowledge in the arts; focusing on acrylic, oil, and diversified mediums on canvas. It was during this time Catalina developed her love for mixed technique, which has carried into her present day work. 

Catalina retired as an educator in Foreign Languages and has recently moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland near her family. She spends her time creating art, doing small town exhibition as well as showing her work at national and international showcases. At 85 years young, Catalina has made it her passion project to tell tales of humanity through her life experiences, with the goal of transcending them into visual storytelling through her pieces. Aiming to blend aesthetics of modernism with timelessness, every layered brush stroke and incorporation of carefully selected mediums contribute to overarching motifs; Her work, inspired by a philosophy of optimism and hope, reflects a personal story as well as the life of humankind.

"To transcend intangible thought into visual expression through art, is to fulfill in my mission as a creator."


- Catalina Minniti


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Catalina Minniti

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